The Iona Resource Centre are very excited to be announcing our Access4All Audio Programme which aims to ensure that everyone, regardless of disability has the right and opportunity to access sporting and spectator events in their local community.

Our Access4All Programme will provide general disability awareness, sighted guide and audio commentary training to teams of connected volunteers linked to a sporting club around Ireland.  With the skills and awareness gained from our training and the resource pack provided, Access4All Volunteers will be empowered to deliver a vital audio commentary service to people with disabilities and additional needs across Ireland.

Access4All aspires to enable people with disabilities and other access needs to better connect with their local community, whilst giving volunteers an opportunity to share their passion for sport in a really meaningful and positive way! Attached is further information about our day service and our Access4All Programme.

As part of our initial research, we are running a survey to gain an indication of interest from people who might avail of the audio commentary service.  If you could, please distribute the survey link below on your social media platforms and display the attached poster, to enable people with sight loss and/or disability to have an awareness of Access4All and an opportunity to complete the survey.

To increase our reach and support to as many people and clubs across Ireland, we would appreciate it if you tag the Iona Resource Centre in your posts:

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