Last One Standing 2018

May 19th, 2018 | Uncategorized

Folks, these are the remaining contestants and their picks.

Good luck to everybody!

Kirsten McGarell        Monaghan

Seamus Downey        Tyrone

Cathair Henderson     Armagh

Liam Connolly             Tipperary

Joe McCavana            Clare & Tipperary

Angela Callan             Armagh

Alice McAuley            Tipperary

Kevin McLarnon         Tipperary

Joe O’Dochartoigh     Armagh

Raymond Flanagan    Tipperary

Malachy Conway       Tipperary

Erin Slane                    Clare

Stephen Graham        Tipperary

Josie Devlin                 Armagh

Nuala O’Shea              Monaghan

John Moran                Clare & Tipperary

Liam Taggart               Tipperary

Jim Duffy                     Tyrone

Victor Taylor               Armagh

Ciaran McCavana       Armagh

Sarah McGarry           Fermanagh

Sean Smart                 Armagh

Larry Loughran           Tyrone

Kevin Gillen                 Armagh

Tom Poulter                Tyrone

Fiona Poulter              Armagh

Arthur McGarell         Clare

Joe O’Boyle                 Armagh

Manuel Valliday          Clare

Neil McDonnell           Tipperary

Adela O’Boyle             Tipperary

Fr James                       Armagh

Paddy Quinn               Clare

Glen Parker                 Clare

Michael Valliday         Tipperary

Conor Devlin                Tipperary

Garvin McKnight         Tipperary

Mickey Lavery              Armagh

Dean Gannon               Tipperary

Jackie Johnston            Tipperary

Paul McErlean              Clare

Eugene McGrenaghan   Tipperary

Paddy Nelson                Tipperary

P G Gallagher                Tyrone

John Brady                     Tipperary

Paul Taggart                   Limerick

Niall Murphy                  Tyrone

Terry Reilly                     Tipperary

Liam Berry                     Tipperary

Eamonn Crilly                Tipperary

Aiden McHugh              Tyrone

Collie Donnelly              Tyrone

Declan Sampey             Tipperary

Conor Sampey               Tipperary

Maureen McLornan     Armagh

Enda Muldoon              Tipperary

Sean Rafferty                Tipperary

Richard McKeague       Limerick

Eugene Devlin               Armagh

Richie Leahy                  Clare